TMB Shaddy

Roshad Brown, better known as “TMB Shaddy” or his stage name “ShaddyUpNext”. Growing up in the lower 9th Ward on Tupelo Street Shaddy found his passion for music at about 5 yrs old but, didn’t start rapping till the age of 13! Even though he had a strong passion for music and loved to rap; the love wasn’t strong enough to steer him away from the street life. While Battling two separate felony cases and becoming a 1st time father at the age of 18, UpNext made a decision that would change his life forever. Making music his main hustle and priority. Doing so he went on & dropped his first mixtape “Case Dismissed”. In honor of him beating trial & his lawyer per-swaying the judge to dismiss his case. ShaddyUpNext is now signed to TMB Reloaded LLC, & he coming to takeover the rap industry & be one of the BIGGEST to ever come out of New Orleans.